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    A few things...

    Swim ribbons can be picked up this week at the pool in your family folders in the file boxes. 

    Anyone who still has tents used at "A" Conference for our team area, please drop them off at the pool at your earliest convenience tomorrow, Tuesday, July 31. Thank you!


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    BUS TO ROSELLE and "B" Swimmers

    Bus leaves Itasca Water Park tomorrow (Saturday 7/28) at 6:25AM. Please load the bus starting at 6:10AM for an on time departure. (Kemmerling Park and Pool, 400 S Prospect St, Roselle)

    "B" Conference are welcomed and encouraged to participate with your teammates in the festivities at "A" Conference tomorrow.

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    THANK YOU! to all the families that participated in the Swimmer's Breakfasts last Friday and this morning! The breakfasts were a huge success and ALL our swimmers and coaches appreciate YOUR efforts to make them feel special!

    There's just two events left to our swim season before the BIG celebration

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    VIP Photography Issues


    I apologize for filtering photos issues down to the families. I have tried with much frustration and no success to get some of your issues you've contacted me with, resolved with VIP Photography. 

    If any one has a problem with their photo order please contact Megan directly at VIP…

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    "A" Swimmers Breakfast Tomorrow


    Swimmers from the 6:30AM session will be out of the water by 7:15am. Please drop off your food/other items by 7:00AM

    Swimmers from the 8:00AM session will be out of the water by 8:30AM. Please drop off your food/other items by 8:15AM

    Your swimmers appreciate your generosity! 

    Thank you

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    Volunteers Needed!

    Itasca still needs a volunteer to check-in our volunteers at "A" Conference at Roselle. The Check-in volunteer will start at between 6:30-7:00am and work until 8:00am. By that time all of our volunteers should be present.

    Remember...It's very important that timers, judges, starters/referees MUST attend the pre-meet meetings. PLEASE check-in

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    "A"Conference Volunteer Info

    From Roselle...

    Hello Everyone! Thanks again for gathering your volunteers for us! Attached you will find the volunteer schedule. Please let us know if you need to make any changes. We are also attaching the Shuttle Schedule that you can share with your team too. 

    Thanks! David & Valerie Zielinski

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    TP'ing News/Info

    From the desk of Molly Helm...

    Hi Dolphin Families! 

    Congratulations to swimmers in B Conference for swimming your hearts out and putting Itasca in the lead! And, we hope you enjoyed getting TPed last week. Now it's your turn for some fun!  

    Swimmers from Conference B who signed up

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    Practice Schedule Changes

    Swim practice for "A" Swimmers tonight (Wednesday) from 5-6PM

    Thursday (7/26) and Friday (7/27) early morning practice will start at 6:30AM each day instead of 6AM.

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    Itasca Swim Team Year End Banquet - Sunday July 29th @ Itasca Country Club 11:30am

    Hello everyone   - If you have not RSVP'd for the banquet you have 30 minutes to do so. Please RSVP by 3:45 online.

    $25 for Adults 13 and over

    $10 12 and under

    All payment is to be paid online, please go to SwimTopia and click on Banquet.

    Thank you!!

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